Thursday, October 24, 2013

A self-esteem boost for YOU!

We hope that this poem encourages YOU to dig deep and allow for YOU to be all that YOU CAN!
It's time to have the mindset that YOU CAN be DETERMINED and SUCCEED. I guarantee you that this poem will do that for you!

Victorious Attitude
by James Kisner

You cannot claim a victory, if there is no reward.
You cannot shape the future, if you wait until it's here.

The future has no purpose, if you live today in fear.
Your future lies within your hand, to do with what you may.

For tomorrow brings results, of what you've done today.
The choices that you make today, reflect the life you seek.

But first of all, the seeds are sown, before the gardener reaps.
The future's like a lump of clay, you hold within your hand.

As time goes by, the clay gets hard, so mould it while you can.
Failure is an attitude, that haunts the mind of man.

But, results will be successful, for the one who knows HE CAN!

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