Monday, December 16, 2013

4 Tips to Manage the Holidays.

The Holiday Season can often promote anxiety, depression, and stress.  People are often faced with demands- parties, entertaining, shopping, baking and cleaning- just to name a few.  This season use our 4 tips to help manage those holiday stressors. You may just enjoy the Holidays this season. 

1. Practice Self-Care.  Be good to yourself!  Remember you are number one.  Get enough sleep, eat well, and keep your sense of humor.

2. Set Boundaries.  It is okay to say "NO." Choose the events that you must and want to attend.  Your body will thank you emotionally, mentally, and physically. Don't beat your self up or feel guilty about saying, no."

3. Eliminate Useless Worry.  Effectively plan ahead of time -- from organizing a gathering, to buying gifts, to taking good care of yourself. Do positive visualization before you walk into situations that make you nervous.  It's very important to enjoy yourself!

4. BREATHE. This sounds like a no brainer.  But often times we forget to take deep breaths and give ourselves the oxygen we need.  

Here is a useful breathing tool that you can utlize at any time: 

1. Inhale through your nose for 3 seconds. 
2. Hold your breath for 5 seconds. 
3. Exhale through your mouth for 5 seconds.  
4. Say to yourself, calm now. 
5. Repeat until you feel centered and grounded. 

Start implementing these tips today and you will notice a difference in your actions, moods, and thoughts associated with the Holiday Season!

Happy Holidays from Provide 4!

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